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Miraj Ajwain & Methi Paratha (Pack of 4X4 paratha)

Miraj Ajwain & Methi Paratha (Pack of 4X4 paratha)

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Indulge in the flavorful goodness of Miraj Ajwain & Maithi Paratha – a convenient pack of 4x4 pieces, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

This Miraj Paratha pack is designed for on-the-go consumption, ensuring you have a delicious meal at your fingertips. For an optimal taste experience, preheat before eating and pair these parathas with your favorite pickle to enhance the flavors.

Miraj Paratha is ready to eat paratha. One can consume this pack directly while travelling, pre heat before consumption for best results & enjoy eating with pickle. Store this pack at normal room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Non-Frozen.

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