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Miraj Falahari Chivda Namkeen (400g)

Miraj Falahari Chivda Namkeen (400g)

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Miraj Falahari Chivda is a delectable, crunchy treat ideal for those honoring fasts during Navratri or other spiritual occasions. A favorite among crispy snack aficionados, this Falahari Aloo Lachha Namkeen isn't just scrumptious but also serves as a vital carbohydrate source for swift energy boosts. Its gluten-free and vegan composition ensures it caters to those with specific dietary needs.

Storage Instructions: Preserve the crispiness and flavor of Miraj Falahari Chiwda by storing it in a cool and dry place. Our airtight packaging ensures that the taste of Rajasthan remains intact, ready to elevate your fasting experience with a burst of authentic flavors.

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