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Miraj Jeera Khakhra

Miraj Jeera Khakhra

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Miraj Jeera Khakhra is a crispy and thin whole wheat disc infused with the aromatic warmth of jeera (cumin). This savory and flavorful snack is a perfect blend of tradition and taste, offering a delightful experience with every bite.
Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite chutney or dip, Miraj Jeera Khakhra is a versatile and satisfying choice for snacking. The non-fried preparation method adds to its appeal, making it a healthier option without compromising on the authentic taste.
Elevate your snacking moments with Miraj Jeera Khakhra – where the rich flavor of jeera meets the crispiness of khakhra, creating a delicious and wholesome treat for your taste buds.

Store in cool and dry place.

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