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Miraj Methi & Plain Paratha (Pack of 4X4 PCS)

Miraj Methi & Plain Paratha (Pack of 4X4 PCS)

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Miraj Methi & Plain Paratha is a delightful combination that brings together the earthy richness of fenugreek (methi) with the simplicity of a classic plain paratha. This pack offers a versatile and satisfying option for your mealtime.

1. **Methi Paratha:** Immerse yourself in the aromatic goodness of fenugreek with Methi Paratha. The infusion of methi adds an earthy and slightly bitter undertone, creating a unique and flavorful paratha.

2. **Plain Paratha:** The Plain Paratha is a timeless choice, allowing you to enjoy the authentic taste of traditional paratha. Its light and fluffy texture make it an ideal accompaniment to various dishes.

Together, Miraj Methi & Plain Paratha provide a perfect balance of flavors, offering a diverse and wholesome experience. Enjoy them with your favorite side dishes, chutneys, or pickles for a delightful meal. Elevate your dining moments with Miraj – where tradition meets taste seamlessly.

Miraj Paratha is ready to eat paratha. One can consume this pack directly while travelling, pre heat before consumption for best results & enjoy eating with pickle. Store this pack at normal room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Non-Frozen.

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